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The Dauphine fabric collection from Kobe transforms your home into the ultimate luxurious living space. It includes a variety of warm colours such as brown, gold, red, blue and purple shades - sometimes in the form of plain fabrics, but other times as part of elegant and sophisticated patterns. Regardless of their colour or style, all of these fabrics are bold and striking, so they'll make a serious impact. Suitable for adding glamour and indulgence to all interior soft furnishings, these fabrics have been created by a fabric designer and manufacturer which has become known as one of the biggest trendsetters in the industry.
    Kobe -  Dauphine Fabric Collection - 2 subtly patterned champagne coloured armchairs with dark wood frames, with patterned curtains and a tall candelabra
    Kobe -  Dauphine Fabric Collection - Patterned curtains with a tieback, a subtly patterned, dark framed armchair, and a candelabra, all in champagne shades
    Kobe -  Dauphine Fabric Collection - A tiny, embroidered brown pattern on a cream, wood framed armchair, with champagne patterned curtains, and glass ornaments
    Kobe -  Dauphine Fabric Collection - Three glass decanters in front of cream coloured curtains featuring an ornate light brown pattern
    Kobe -  Dauphine Fabric Collection - Cream, champagne and light brown curtains with an intricate pattern, with a candelabra and a padded biscuit coloured seat
    Kobe -  Dauphine Fabric Collection - A wooden desk with a ruby coloured padded chair, a matching desk lamp, and luxurious red and black patterned curtains
    Kobe -  Dauphine Fabric Collection - Wooden frames and ornaments behind curtains made with a luxurious deep ruby coloured pattern on a charcoal background
    Kobe -  Dauphine Fabric Collection - Armchairs and a footstool behind glass panelled doors with white, cream and coffee coloured striped curtains and a tieback
    Kobe -  Dauphine Fabric Collection - A snow white padded armchair in front of subtly patterned curtains, with a design in various shades of white and cream

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