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The Motion fabric collection from Kobe contains the perfect set of fabrics for seriously chic, minimalist living. The contemporary patterns, herringbone designs and the fabrics finished with sheer or sheen effects are dominated by steely blue and stormy grey colours. These cool, industrial tones complement the soft, comfortable textures, resulting in fabrics that are the image of simple, classic sophistication. Use these fabrics to create the finishing touches to your room; the drape makes them perfect for curtains. This will just soften the edges of any interior, while still maintaining the refined class that you're looking for. #you are guaranteed quality from every fibre.
    Kobe -  Motion Fabric Collection - Light grey curtains hanging outdoors, printed with a very small, incredibly subtle white dot pattern
    Kobe -  Motion Fabric Collection - Off-white and light grey woven curtains, a large white rug, modern white chairs, a wooden table, flower pots and a garden
    Kobe -  Motion Fabric Collection - An outdoor garden scene draped with a swathe of plain, sheer, light ash grey coloured fabric
    Kobe -  Motion Fabric Collection - Bright green leaves and an outdoor scene with a curtain made from light and mid grey geometric patterned fabric
    Kobe -  Motion Fabric Collection - A fireplace in a round chimney, lustrous grey curtains featuring an interlocking circle pattern, and an animal fur rug
    Kobe -  Motion Fabric Collection - A rustic wood bench with plain and slightly textured, patterned champagne and cobalt blue coloured cushions and curtains
    Kobe -  Motion Fabric Collection - Lustrous, embroidered patterns and herringbone weaving on silver and cobalt blue coloured fabric and cushions
    Kobe -  Motion Fabric Collection - Two sheer fabric curtains in light and Royal shades of blue, with Royal blue fabric woven with a very small pattern
    Kobe -  Motion Fabric Collection - A wooden dining table, modern white chairs, with putty coloured curtains and a large plain white rug

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