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Types of Fabric - Choosing Curtain and Soft Textiles fabrics

With the impressive selection of different types of fabric designs available these days it’s no surprise that more and more householders are opting to either produce their own soft textile accessories or indeed order custom made curtains, Roman blinds and a variety of soft furnishings such as beanbags, cushions and table covers.

The advantage of having readymade curtains is that it’s possible to not just have co-ordinating tie backs, pelmets, seat covers and cushions etc but also to ensure the curtains are the exact fit for your windows.

Types of Fabric

Here at Curtains Made Simple we offer a large selection of designer fabrics from such leading British names as Cath Kidston, Fibre Naturelle, Emily Burningham, Prestigious Textiles and Cabbages and Roses. They stock a range of fabrics, in various textures, such as:

Cotton Fabric

A fabric which is versatile and incredibly easy to care for and can be used to produce a number of household soft furnishings such as curtains, Roman blinds, bean bags and seat covers, cotton is probably the most popular of fabrics for the home. There are different forms of cotton to choose from too such as pearl cotton (which has a particularly attractive sheen).

Jacquard Fabric

This is a form of loom weaving where each warp thread is raised independently. As a result it has an extremely high level of warp yarn control which leads to a wide selection of stunning fabrics. Jacquard itself consists of swirls which are very similar to floral print. You’ll often find it in bedspreads as well as curtains.

Linen Fabric

Produced from the flax plant, linen is famous for its ability to keep the wearer cool when made into clothing. It also works well as textile furnishings such as custom made curtains, blinds and cushions. It gives a cosy look to any home and is regularly used for vintage design.

Hard Wearing Fabric

Seat covers, table cloths and even bean bags tend to be produced from hard wearing fabric simply because the objects in question tend to experience a lot of traffic in the home. They can also be subject to spills such as table cloths and fabrics which have been adopted in children’s rooms. They’re usually very easy to care, wipe clean for and wash without too much trouble.

Heavy Weight Fabric

Curtains and settee covers tend to benefit most from heavy weight fabric. Used as curtains it can give an extremely luxurious touch to a room. Another bonus is that the material is usually so thick that no lining is required.


A particular type of either coloured yarn or fabric, chenille is actually French for caterpillar. This is a luxurious fabric, beautiful to touch and warm too. It’s an excellent material for bedspreads and cushions.

Voile Fabric

This lovely, lightweight woven fabric is excellent for windows when you still want a lot of light to come through into the room. It’s often used in combination with thicker custom made curtains or Roman blinds for day time use. The material tends to be either 100 per cent cotton or a blend of either linen or polyester. Voile in French means veil – a very appropriate name for this fine material.

Satin Fabric

Glossy, luxurious feeling satin can look stunning in any room. It is produced by means of a weave with a minimum amount of interlacing. This is a pretty delicate material so should be used sparingly and for special household furnishings which aren’t exposed to a lot of traffic.

Sheer Fabric

A more or less transparent fabric which, like voile, is excellent as a daytime cover for windows. It also works well when layered and actually has a bit of a sparkle to it; adding a sense of drama to a window.

Silk Fabric

Beautiful silk, this fabric is lovely to touch and is actually a natural protein. Excellent for bedding and cushions, again this is a delicate material which shouldn’t really be exposed to a lot of traffic. Use it to add interest and luxury to cushions, curtains or other soft textiles in the home.

Print Fabric

Printed fabrics add interest to any room in the home and come in a wide variety of designs from floral to animals and even objects such as teacups, books and boats. A great fabric for a child’s room, especially when custom made into curtains and bedding.

Velvet Fabric

Another luxurious fabric to touch, velvet is pretty hard wearing despite its glamorous feel and look. This fabric works well for most household textiles and soft furnishings – even seat covers. Stunning in darker shades such as purple, black and teal.

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