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Supplying Your Own Fabric (Curtain Make Up Service)

Congratulations on finding your chosen piece(s) of fabric and deciding to use our curtain-make-up service!

Just follow the steps and guidelines below, don't forget that included in our price is the lining fabric and any other sundries.

In deciding to supply your own fabric for your made to order curtains it is EXTREMELY important to ensure the following things agree to the order details....

  • The fabric roll width (cm)
  • The fabric pattern repeat (cm)
  • Getting these wrong may result in you not supplying enough fabric!
    Please note all dimensions entered into the website must be stated in centimetres.

    Sending Your Fabric To Curtains Made Simple

    Do not send your fabric until you have received your order confirmation. The confirmation will contain the full order reference and postal address. The reference is important as it enables the matching of the fabric to the order.
    We recommend the following to ensure that the fabric arrives safely (and if there is more than one fabric design that each fabric can be matched to the correct curtain design).....
  • Send your fabric using registered post or courier with insurance.
  • Make sure that your fabric is folded in such a way that excessive creasing is avoided. Wrap the material appropriately to avoid damage in transit.
  • If supplying more than one type of fabric design, label each piece of fabric so that it can be easily matched to the related curtain design(s).
  • We suggest that you print out one copy of your order for each different piece of fabric being sent and circle each curtain on your order that relates to that piece of fabric and then attach the order printed out to the fabric.
    Note: If one fabric design is to be used for several curtains leave it as one piece of fabric, do not cut it.

    How Do I Select "Supply Own Fabric"?

    Click on the button titled 'Supply Own Fabric'. The 'Supply Own Fabric' button is in the same place for Stages 1 and 2 for both the curtains and roman blinds ordering process. You will need to enter the 'Pattern Repeat' and 'Fabric Width'.
    Clicking on either of the two links below will take you to the webpage where you can choose the option of supplying your own fabric.
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